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A forum dedicated to The Gaslight Anthem - Brian Fallon says: ''For consistent and up to the minute stuff, Dimestore Saints is a great place to check out and hang with some really nice people.''
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 Brian Fallon on Honesty, 'Handwritten' and Not Wanting to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Hero

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Brian Fallon on Honesty, 'Handwritten' and Not Wanting to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Hero - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Brian Fallon on Honesty, 'Handwritten' and Not Wanting to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Hero   Brian Fallon on Honesty, 'Handwritten' and Not Wanting to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Hero - Page 2 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 04, 2012 8:17 pm

azlisa wrote:
many people have said that gaslight is a band that is saving rocknroll and i totally agree. brian IS my musical hero and i've always wanted to tell him how much the band means to me because i've never been able to meet him or any of the other guys. i'm hoping i get to meet them this year (probably won't in a huge festival-sized venue) but i don't even know how i will express how i feel without him getting creeped out or something, haha. i hope they stay all stay humble and know how much we adore them.

If you meet them don't worry about freaking them out, seriously. I haven't met Alex L. but a friend of mine did and said he was super chill and funny. Alex R. doesn't seem to start conversation himself but he looks really relaxed and seems to enjoy chatting. Benny is a BLAST to chat with and if you just relax and enjoy it then you'll feel like you're just catching up with an old friend. Don't miss an opportunity to chat with him.

Brian has been in a different mood every time I've met him. One time he seemed downright shy. Another he was chatty, relaxed, joking around, and smiling ear to ear. A third time he looked like someone ran over his dog.

But something that has always been consistent with Brian is he gives you his full attention as if whatever you have to say is the most important thing in the world and he is genuinely listening. And you can tell it DOES mean something huge to him when people say how much the music means to them. He may not get it when you rave about him in particular (it's better he doesn't, who'd want him to get arrogant) but he does appreciate it. Don't let stuff like this stop you from saying what you want/need to say. He's not going to be creeped out unless you're like "I drive by your house every day just to see if your home".
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Brian Fallon on Honesty, 'Handwritten' and Not Wanting to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Hero
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